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About AWPP

  It has been nearly 20 years since the AWPP was firstly held in Bangkok, Thailand back in 2001. Since then, Asia has become the production base of plastic materials and processing technology for all over the world. In this circumstances, it is important to set up an international conference in Asia which will give the opportunity to exchange technology and information in the field of plastic materials and plastic products. Previous AWPPs have successfully contributed to technology exchange and built up a network of connections, and have created the opportunity for researchers and engineers in Asia to gather at the same place. The technology, which directly supports the frontline and are newly developed, should also be included. From this concept, the conference will help researchers and engineers communicate with each other, give useful information, and create the chance for cooperative research for all the attendants. 

The AWPP2019 will be held in Beijing,China,28th-31st,October,2019

Previous AWPP annual conferences:
AWPP2001:  Mar.2001, Bangkok,Thailand
AWPP2002: Apr.2002, Singapore
AWPP2004: Nov.2004, Shanghai,China
AWPP2005: Oct.2005, Taipei,Taiwan
AWPP2006: Dec.2006, Bangkok,Thailand
AWPP2007: Oct.2007, Daejeon,Korea
AWPP2008: Aug.2008, Tokyo,Japan
AWPP2009: Dec.2009, Penang,Malaysia
AWPP2010: Dec.2010, Hanoi,Vietnam
AWPP2011: Sep.2011, Qingdao,China
AWPP2012: Aug.2012, Kyoto,Japan
AWPP2013: Dec.2013, Goa, India
AWPP2014: Nov.2014, Kenting,Taiwan
AWPP2015: Nov.2015, Utown,Singapore
AWPP2016: Nov.2016,Melbourne,Australia
AWPP2017:  Oct.2017,Hanoi,Vietnam
AWPP2018: Dec.2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand

About BUCT

  Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is a high-level university that aims to develop chemical talent at the cutting-edge of science and technology. The university was established in 1958 and formerly known as the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology. As a national key university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China,and as one of the Project 211 universities and 985 Project Innovation Platforms, BUCT has responsibilities for basic and applied scientific research;original, high-tech development;and the training of high-level,innovative talents.

  With half a century of history, BUCT has become a multi-disciplinary university with a solid foundation in science and engineering, as well as other distinctive disciplines such as management, economics, law, literature, educationphilosophy, medical sciences.  Since its establishment, BUCT has trained more than 160,000 people for China.

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